Distributions and Loans

Distributions and Loans

Nexus Administrator’s distribution department is designed to take the confusion out of retirement plan withdrawals. Our goal is to handle the often complicated process that goes along with paying out participants from a qualified retirement plan.  In many instances, our clients will only be required to grant authorization for a distribution to occur.  This means less time filling out forms, and more time focusing on what makes your business great!


We create distribution forms that are sent to a participant who has qualified for a Distributable Event.  Once we receive notice of such an event, those distribution forms are created and mailed out within 5-10 business days.  Once a plan participant has made their choices and sent back their forms, our office validates the form and prepares it for an authorized signor with your company.  From there, the documents are submitted and the distribution will be made from the Financial Company where the retirement assets are held.

How to Contact Our Distribution Department

735 W. Alluvial Ave., Suite 101
Fresno, CA 93711

Participant Line (559) 385-7344
FAX (559) 447-1889